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1250kva dry type transformer

Date of issue: 2020/8/25 9:37:29 Source: http://perryswenson.com Click: zero

   Over the years, our company adopts high-quality materials and advanced technology to produce 1250kva dry-type transformer. After rectification, it is used for charging, voltage regulation and DC power supply. 1250kva dry-type transformer is a kind of transformer for numerical control system developed by our company referring to similar products of Siemens company, especially the three-phase dry-type transformer between 160va and 16KVA. Their appearance and installation dimensions have been standardized, and they are universal with Siemens 4ap series. The products conform to the international and national standards such as vde0550, iec439, jb5555, gb5226, etc, All kinds of three-phase power supply occasions with input and output voltage not exceeding 500V. Various input and output voltage levels, connection groups, number and position of regulating taps (generally ± 5%), winding capacity distribution, secondary single-phase winding configuration, application of rectifier circuit, and whether shell is required or not can be designed and manufactured according to user's requirements

 1250kva dry type transformer

1250kva dry-type transformer has the function of boosting and reducing voltage in the power grid. The 1250kva dry-type transformer can also isolate the third harmonic of the power grid to the equipment. The primary and secondary are shielded with copper foil, which effectively protects the interference of power grid harmonics to the equipment. It is especially suitable for voltage conversion of import and export equipment, with capacity between 0.1kva and 1500KVA, suitable for various three-phase power supply occasions with AC frequency of 50-60Hz, input and output voltage not exceeding 1600V. The product's input and output voltage (three-phase or multi-channel input and output, etc.), connection mode, adjusting tap position, winding capacity distribution, secondary winding configuration and outer box (selected according to different use environment) can be designed and manufactured according to user's requirements.


It is widely used in import and export of foreign machine tool equipment, power supply, printing machine, textile machine, powder machine, medical equipment, engraving machine, servo motor, CNC machine tool, grinder, laser cutting machine, welding machine, heating equipment, water pump, processing equipment, laboratory, construction site, ship, wharf, industrial and mining tunnel, roadheader, fan, air compressor, steel heating, bomb For heating spring, etc.

Service conditions of 1250kva dry type transformer:

1. The altitude is not more than 2000m.

2. Ambient temperature - 25 ~ + 45 ℃

3. Relative humidity of air: the average relative humidity in the month of * * is 90%

4. The waveform of power supply voltage is similar to sine wave.

5. Symmetry of multi-phase power supply voltage. The power supply voltage connected by polyphase transformer should be approximately symmetrical.

6. Place without violent vibration and impact vibration

7. In the medium with no explosion risk, and there is no gas and conductive dust that can corrode metal and damage insulation

Product parameters of 1250kva dry type transformer:

Due to different local voltage, the place where voltage must be converted is specially tailored for electrical and mechanical equipment.

Capacity: 0.5kva ~ 5000KVA

Insulation class: f or H

Frequency: 50 / 60Hz (30hz-400hz can be designed according to customer requirements)

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